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VW Emissions Compensation looks to be owed to millions of people, all over the world, more information at pronostic loto foot.

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Did you know?

11 million vehicles worldwide are affected by the VW emissions scandal

VW Emissions

VW Emissions Compensation may be owed to up to 11million vehicle owners worldwide, due to the VW emissions scandal that has recently come to light. VW Group produce, amongst others, VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT vehicles, and certain Diesel engines used for all of these brands are affected. Answer to the question does Rogaine foam work.

As far as we know, only diesel cars produced by VW Group between 2009 - 2015 are affected

What is the VW Emissions Scandal?

VW Emissions In 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), found that VW Group had produced cars that contained software to manipulate emissions tests. This so called 'defeat device' meant the vehicles could detect when they were being tested and alter their natural behaviour. The affected VW Group vehicles would produce far less pollutants when under test conditions than when on the road being used by ordinary people day to day.

The pollutants concerned were NOx emissions, which are particularly harmful to human health. Please visit our environmental effects page to find out more about NOx emissions.


These revelations have shaken the international car industry to its very foundations. With many believing climate change and the environmental impact of cars is a major problem facing the planet, car makers like VW are expected to be at the forefront of helping fight pollution. That VW were not only failing to meet the EPA requirements, but also misleading customers has caused a huge international fallout, often reffered to as #DieselGate.

What is next for VW owners?

In the US VW are currently in negotiations with the EPA to try and set out a path to fix the affected cars, although no timescales have been agreed yet. In the UK a vehicle recall has been announced to begin in January, and Matthias Mueller, the new VW Group Chief Executive, has claimed all alterations will be complete by the end of 2016.

VW Emissions Compensation: will VW payout?

Class legal action against VW has begun in the US, and it looks as though the UK will follow a similar route. Many leading legal teams are waiting for the green light to begin claims against VW Group, and we have the ability to pursue your claim for you wherever you are based in the world.

We are almost certain VW owners will be able to claim for the VW emissions scandal. Here are a few of the key reasons we think a the good news is just around the corner:

  • 'Misled morally': It is common knowledge that VW owners are some of the most environmentally conscious around. VW is aware of this, and carefully markets its vehicles as 'clean' or 'blue'. VW owners believed they were being more environmentally responsible by choosing a VW, when in fact VW emissions didn't even meet EPA requirments. The fact that VW fraudulently met EPA standards means consumers were misled about the environmental credentials of their vehicles. Owners unknowingly became complicit in polluting the planet with more emissions (that are linked to premature deaths around the globe and across our communities) than they had believed to be the case.
  • Vehicle re-sale value: It is not clear exactly how much second hand VW Group vehicles prices will be affected by the DieselGate scandal. In the UK, a 2% drop was noticed in September alone, compare to average monthly depreciation of around 0.2%. Although we don't know how much, we are pretty sure there will be a negative effect on prices, and when VW owners come to sell, they will be left more out of pocket than they had planned to.
  • Effects of vehicle fixes: VW may be trying to rectify the situation with free vehicle recalls, but these actions may cause other problems. Utilising a vehicle's systems to recude emissions will, in turn, use more regular fuel to achieve this. This will almost certainly impact upon the cars speed/performance as well as the MPG achieved by drivers. Again, this will represent a drop in performance compared to that which was advertised when owners purchased their cars.

In legal terms, this essentially all adds up to a serious breach of contract. VW owners bought their cars based on incorrect emissions data, add to this the moral implications and resale values and you have a serious situation on your hands, and a company that needs to hold its hands up and make the situation right.

There has been talk amongst legal professionals of settlements of around £2,000 (equal to around $3,000) per vehicle although the final figure is likely to vary slightly from this amount.

Can I claim for VW Emissions Compensation?

In order to be totally sure, please check your official car documentation or see a mechanic. Only VW Group cars with the Type EA189 engine are affected. Alternatively get in touch with VW Customer Care to find out if your vehicle has the affected engine.

VW Shareholder Compensation might also be possible to claim. If you are a VW Group shareholder, please email us for more information on your specific case.

Please note that whilst we believe it is likely VW Emissions Compensation will become available, we can not guarantee it. Please check back soon to our site for updates on the VW emissions scandal.