Norwegian ship-owner, IM Skaugen seeks $50m compensation from VW subsidiary, MAN, for rigged marine engines

Questions regarding the legitimacy of Volkswagen have been further exacerbated after Norwegian Ship-owner I.M. Skaugen publicly disclosed its battle with the VW marine subsidiary, MAN. I.M. Skaugen, a Marine Transportation Service Company, publicly disclosed that it is seeking $50m (£32.2m) from MAN, after it found engines operating at a higher fuel usage than specified. Performance […]

The facts behind #dieselgate

DieselGate has been a massive story, but what are the facts behind the news? Probably more disturbing than you realise. With VW systematically cheating emissions tests across the world for more than 5 years, what exactly are the consequences of the diesel emissions deception? Volkswagen are the biggest car manufacturer in the world and their […]

Volkswagen writes to UK Customers

VW Customers around the UK have been receiving letters from VW confirming their vehicles have been affected by the VW diesel emissions scandal. It’s thought over 1 million VW made vehicles are affected by the diesel emissions debacle, and that’s only in the UK. That’s because it’s not just VW branded cars that are affected, […]