What is #DieselGate?

DieselGate is a popular Twitter hashtag used to tag tweets about the VW emissions scandal.

DieselGate News of the VW Emissions Scandal was met with a flurry of activity on social media, with many customers and commentators alike shocked by news of one of the biggest corporate deceptions ever.

Customers around the world took the opportunity to vent their frustration at Volkswagen. Several phrases started circulating from frustrated customers worried they might be one of the unfortunate owners of an affected vehicle. These included: EmissionsScandal, VWEmissionsScandal, VWCares as well as DieselGate

DieselGate was a play on words on the WaterGate scandal that hit US politics in the 1970s. DieselGate was an apt name as the VW emissions scandal represented a similarly huge breach of public confidence, left an institution's reputation in tatters and concerned diesel engines.

Some of the tweets

People in Portland were found 'shaming Volkswagen diesel owners' according to Mashable.

A DieselGate facts infographic

When news broke that other popular VW-owned car brands were affected by the DieselGate scandal

Oliver Murphy made use of the #EmissionsScandal hashtag to report Audi and Skoda produced 3.3 million affected vehicles between them

We retweeted a letter that was sent to a US customer who owned an affected vehicle, after he shared it on our Facebook page.