As most people will be aware, one of the largest news stories of the year has come in the form of the VW emissions scandal, commonly referred to as #DieselGate. The story surrounds the controversial discovery that VW have used software in their vehicles produced between 2009 and 2015 to cheat emissions tests.

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So what exactly did they do?

Upon testing the actual on-road emissions of the vehicles, relevant authorities were shocked to find results which differed greatly from those gained from testing the vehicles under lab conditions. It soon became apparent that VW had installed software, or ‘defeat devices’ within their cars, making the cars detect when they were being tested; causing severely altered performance and test results.

What does this mean?

With emissions affecting driving costs, as well as being generally harmful to the environment, the new, altered results could result in financial repercussions for those affected. Furthermore moral disappointment for those who bought the cars believing they were being environmentally friendly is almost inevitable.

What next for VW?

When questioned about the mismatched test results, VW instantly admitted their wrongdoings, saying they have set aside £4.7bn to deal with the fallout. Whilst this is a vast sum, many experts believe this is nowhere near sufficient, with the US Environmental agency able to fine VW for up to $37,500 per vehicle, potentially equating to as much as $18bn.

Whilst at present it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not UK drivers will be able to claim compensation, industry experts seem highly confident that it is simply a matter of time before this becomes the case. Please fill in the form and we’ll let you know as soon as compensation becomes available.