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Is my Audi affected by the VW Emissions Scandal?

VW Group are the largest car manufacturer in the world and produce vehicles under many different brand names that they own. One of these car brand is Audi, and as VW produce Audi Diesel vehicles, many Audis had the cheat devices installed in them too.

In fact, Audis are the second most affected brand within the VW Group, with 393,450 diesel Audis affected by the emissions scandal. Due to this, Audi compensation is being pursued by many unhappy customers. Be sure to register your details for an Audi compensation claim if you believe you may own an affected diesel Audi.

Even if you haven't received any word from Volkswagen, you may still have an affected vehicle. Details of the type of vehicles that may be eligible for Audi Compensation are detailed bwloe for your reassurance.

Your Audi may be affected if it meets the following criteria:

  • Your Audi is a diesel model
  • Your Audi was produced between 2009 - 2015

In addition your Audi is one of the following models:

  • A1
  • A3
  • A4
  • A5
  • A6
  • TT
  • Q3
  • Q5

If your Audi fits this description, then you can register your interest in making an Audi compensation claim using the form at the top of the page. We will contact you as soon as we are able to proceed with your claim.